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23/06/2017 11:54 p.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
04:57p.m. IFT.NZX OFFER: IFT: Infrastructure Bonds maturing 15 Dec 2022 and 15 Jun 2025
04:31p.m. GGL.NZX NXTUPDTE: GGL: G3 Announces Intention to Delist
03:57p.m. VHP.NZX MKTUPDTE: VHP: Vital announces preliminary $165.4m revaluation increase
03:10p.m. MVN.NZX GENERAL: MVN: Methven awarded 'Best Shower Brand of the Year' in the UK
02:55p.m. AMP.NZX GENERAL: AMP: AMPPA Appendix 3A.2 - Notification of Dividend/Distribution
02:44p.m. RBD.NZX MEETING: RBD: Results of Resolutions at Annual Shareholders' Meeting
02:36p.m. RBD.NZX MEETING: RBD: Chief Executive's Address
02:36p.m. DOW.NZX OFFER: DOW: Update in relation to Downer Services' Offer for Spotless
02:36p.m. WKSHA.NZX OFFER: WKSHA: Update in relation to Downer Services' Offer for Spotless
02:35p.m. RBD.NZX MEETING: RBD: Chairman's Address
02:21p.m. VHP.NZX SHINTR: VHP: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Multiple
01:36p.m. AWF.NZX ANNREP: AWF: Section 209 Notice
01:26p.m. AWF.NZX ANNREP: AWF: AWF Madison Annual Report 2017
12:29p.m. KFL.NZX GENERAL: KFL: KFL - section 209 notice in relation to Annual Report
11:33a.m. AMP.NZX GENERAL: AMP: Appendix 3E - Daily share buy back notice 52
11:32a.m. WKSHA.NZX SHINTR: WKSHA: Change in substantial holding
11:32a.m. DOW.NZX SHINTR: DOW: Change in substantial holding
11:03a.m. ATM.NZX SHINTR: ATM: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Michael Bracka
11:01a.m. ATM.NZX SHINTR: ATM: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Jesse Wu
10:20a.m. GMB020.NZX ADMIN: GMB: GMB030 Interest Payment
10:02a.m. KFL.NZX ANNREP: KFL: KFL - 31 March 2017 Annual Report Provided
10:01a.m. KFL.NZX MEETING: KFL: KFL - Notice of Meeting of Shareholders - 28 July 2017
09:35a.m. TNZ.NZX MKTUPDTE: TNZ: TNZ NTA 22-06-2017 $1.40452
09:35a.m. NZB.NZX MKTUPDTE: NZB: NZB NTA 22-06-2017 $3.00962
09:34a.m. FNZ.NZX MKTUPDTE: FNZ: FNZ NTA 22-06-2017 $2.27003
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