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28/02/2017 4:53 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:21p.m. ANZ.NZX KEYDATES: ANZ: Update - ANZ Financial Year 2017 Results Announcements
05:13p.m. SEK.NZX FLLYR: SEK: Seeka announces its 31 December 2016 result
04:43p.m. ARV.NZX DIVIDEND: ARV: Arvida Announces Third Quarter Dividend
04:35p.m. ANZ.NZX OFFICE: ANZ: Kathryn van der Merwe to join ANZ as GE Talent & Culture
04:23p.m. MCK.NZX DIRECTOR: MCK: MCK: Director Resignation & New Appointment
04:15p.m. CDI.NZX DIRECTOR: CDI: CDI: Board Director Resignation & New Appointment
04:08p.m. TWR.NZX SSH: TWR: SSH - UBS Group AG and its related bodies corporate
04:01p.m. AXG.NZX MEMO: AXG: Antipodes Gold Limited ("AXG") - Name Change
04:01p.m. .NZX MEMO: NZXO: Antipodes Gold Limited ("AXG") - Name Change
04:01p.m. .NZX MEMO: NZXR: Antipodes Gold Limited ("AXG") - Name Change
04:00p.m. AKC050.NZX HALFYR: AKC: Auckland Council interim results to 31 December 2016
03:39p.m. GMT.NZX RELINT: GMT: Disclosure notice for Andy Eakin
03:33p.m. AXG.NZX GENERAL: AXG: Completion of Takeover
03:16p.m. CMO.NZX RELINT: CMO: Change in director's relevant interest
03:03p.m. MMH.NZX HALFYR: MMH: Marsden Maritime Holdings Ltd - Interim Results
02:53p.m. NZM.NZX DIVIDEND: NZM: Updated ASX Appendix 3A.1 Form
02:31p.m. PLX.NZX MKTUPDTE: PLX: Plexure Group Limited (PLX) Market Update
01:17p.m. MFT.NZX GENERAL: MFT: MFT - Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 Transition
12:42p.m. HBL.NZX ALLOT: HBL: Notification of Allotment of Securities
12:29p.m. SDL.NZX INTERIM: SDL: Interim Report for the Period Ended 31 December 2016
12:12p.m. SKT.NZX GENERAL: SKT: Transition to the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
11:22a.m. VHP.NZX ASSET: VHP: Vital announces two off-market hospital acquisitions
11:12a.m. TLT.NZX RELINT: TLT: Ongoing Share Disclosure - Paul Newfield
11:10a.m. BNZ090.NZX QUARTER: BNZ: BNZ Disclosure Statement - 31 December 2016
11:08a.m. MGL.NZX HALFYR: MGL: Interim results announcement to 31 December 2016
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