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18/10/2017 11:21 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
11:15a.m. GMT.NZX SHINTR: GMT: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - John Dakin
10:05a.m. ANZ.NZX GENERAL: ANZ: ANZ New Zealand Board changes and Chairman appointment
10:05a.m. THL.NZX GENERAL: THL: SSH Notice - HB
10:00a.m. .NZX ADMIN: ANB: ANZ New Zealand Board changes and Chairman appointment
09:58a.m. SPK.NZX SHINTR: SPK: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Justine Smyth
09:44a.m. PEB.NZX OFFER: PEB: PEB Capital Raise Offer Documents
09:39a.m. OIC.NZX SHINTR: OIC: SPH Notice - WSP Global Inc. and WSP NZ Acquisition Ltd
09:38a.m. ASP.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASP: ASP NTA 17-10-2017 $1.38613
09:38a.m. ASF.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASF: ASF NTA 17-10-2017 $8.15977
09:38a.m. ASD.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASD: ASD NTA 17-10-2017 $1.72553
09:37a.m. MZY.NZX MKTUPDTE: MZY: MZY NTA 17-10-2017 $6.76738
09:37a.m. OZY.NZX MKTUPDTE: OZY: OZY NTA 17-10-2017 $3.67714
09:33a.m. PEB.NZX OFFER: PEB: PEB Rights Issue - Cleansing Notice
09:25a.m. AWK.NZX SHINTR: AWK: SPH Notice and Rule 49A Notice
09:24a.m. PEB.NZX GENERAL: PEB: Pacific Edge Named in TIN Report Top 10 List
09:11a.m. MLN.NZX CORPACT: MLN: MLN - Notice of acquisition of Securities 17 October 2017
09:08a.m. GBF.NZX MKTUPDTE: GBF: GBF NTA 17-10-2017 $3.15482
09:08a.m. NZB.NZX MKTUPDTE: NZB: NZB NTA 17-10-2017 $3.02515
09:07a.m. NZC.NZX MKTUPDTE: NZC: NZC NTA 17-10-2017 $2.99162
09:05a.m. KFL.NZX CORPACT: KFL: KFL - Notice of acquisition of securities 17 October 2017
09:01a.m. TWF.NZX MKTUPDTE: TWF: TWF NTA 17-10-2017 $2.01513
09:01a.m. EMF.NZX MKTUPDTE: EMF: EMF NTA 17-10-2017 $1.27077
09:00a.m. EUF.NZX MKTUPDTE: EUF: EUF NTA 17-10-2017 $1.65073
09:00a.m. USF.NZX MKTUPDTE: USF: USF NTA 17-10-2017 $6.55446
08:59a.m. APA.NZX MKTUPDTE: APA: APA NTA 17-10-2017 $1.97082
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