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17/12/2017 3:34 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:22p.m. MVT.NZX GENERAL: MVT: Appendix 3B
05:09p.m. MVT.NZX TRANSACT: MVT: Interest Payment - MVTHA
04:45p.m. MGL.NZX OFFER: MGL: Notification of allotment of shares
04:28p.m. TGG.NZX CORPACT: TGG: T&G Global Limited CEO Resignation
04:24p.m. MHJ.NZX GENERAL: MHJ: Appointment of Company Secretary
04:21p.m. ERD.NZX SHINTR: ERD: SPH Notice - Steven Newman and NMC Trustees Limited
03:58p.m. ERD.NZX OFFER: ERD: EROAD Limited - Placement Allotment
03:40p.m. ERD.NZX GENERAL: ERD: EROAD Welcomes Australian HV Charging Initiatives
03:39p.m. FPH.NZX SHINTR: FPH: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Lewis Gradon
12:52p.m. MPG.NZX SHINTR: MPG: SPH Notice - Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
12:30p.m. .NZX ADMIN: ABB: ASB announces Vittoria Shortt as new Chief Executive
11:55a.m. SPY.NZX GENERAL: SPY: Proposed Pemba Transaction not to Proceed
11:49a.m. MEL.NZX GENERAL: MEL: Meridian Energy interim results announcement date
11:26a.m. TGG.NZX CORPACT: TGG: Appointment of new Director
10:03a.m. TWR.NZX OFFER: TWR: Completion of Rights Offer
09:42a.m. SRF.NZX OFFER: SRF: Notification of allotment of units_15 December 2017
09:30a.m. LGF030.NZX GENERAL: LGF030: Notification of allotment of securities - LGF030
09:30a.m. LGF070.NZX GENERAL: LGF070: Notification of allotment of securities - LGF070
09:30a.m. LGF080.NZX GENERAL: LGF080: Notification of allotment of securities - LGF080
09:04a.m. ASF.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASF: ASF NTA 14-12-2017 $8.08366
09:04a.m. MZY.NZX MKTUPDTE: MZY: MZY NTA 14-12-2017 $7.00289
09:03a.m. ASR.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASR: ASR NTA 14-12-2017 $4.20978
09:00a.m. OZY.NZX MKTUPDTE: OZY: OZY NTA 14-12-2017 $3.64431
09:00a.m. ASP.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASP: ASP NTA 14-12-2017 $1.44513
08:59a.m. ASD.NZX MKTUPDTE: ASD: ASD NTA 14-12-2017 $1.72247
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