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23/06/2017 11:52 p.m.
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The ANZ Securities team is focused on providing excellent service and maintaining the positive relationship we have with our clients. Our role is to make it as easy as possible for personal investors to buy and sell shares and to make sound investments decisions.

We offer a professional service in a friendly and approachable manner to all our clients, be they market novices or seasoned traders.

Our Team includes:

Managing Principal
Tim Olphert DDI: 04 382 1979    

Compliance Manager
Lance Cook DDI: 04 498 9979

Operations Manager
Aaron McGrath DDI: 04 496 7358

Client Onboarding Manager
Angela Yip DDI: 04 496 7552

Wholesale Equities & Fixed Interest - Free 0800 800 372

David Speight (Director) DDI: 04 498 7060    
Andrew Mackinder 04 498 7061

Online and Telephone Equity Dealers - Free 0800 805 777

Johnny Lee (Head Equity Dealer)
Daniel Lewington
Sophie Hayes

Client Service - Free 0800 805 777

Jacob Congdon  
Tracey Taylor  

Client Onboarding - Free 0800 805 777

Vivienne Zeier    
Angela Yip  
Jay Laureles  
Cynthia Forrest  

Cash Settlements - Free 0800 805 777

Judith Manton    
Jouhs van Leeuwen  
Katrina Banks  
Nimali Perera  

Scrip Settlements - Free 0800 805 777

Helen Shakhova    
Michelle Fabish  
Raewyn Senior  
Sarah Bone  
Ateca Kerenia  

US/UK Custodial Settlements - Free 0800 805 777

Michael Bacon