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24/01/2017 5:50 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
02:59p.m. IQE.NZX SSH: IQE: SSH - Harbour Asset Management Limited
02:49p.m. ENS.NZX GENERAL: ENS: Datagate Innovation appoints a new director
02:03p.m. HBY.NZX DIRECTOR: HBY: Hellaby Announces Board Changes
12:18p.m. AFI.NZX DIVIDEND: AFI: AFI Appendix 7
12:12p.m. AFI.NZX GENERAL: AFI: AFIG Interest Payment
12:12p.m. AFI.NZX DIVIDEND: AFI: AFI - Notification of dividend / distribution
12:03p.m. AFI.NZX HALFYR: AFI: Half Yearly Report and Accounts as at 31 December 2016
11:11a.m. AWK.NZX TAKEOVER: AWK: Notice of Variation - Extension of Offer
10:16a.m. USG.NZX NTA: USG: USG NTA 20-01-2017 $3.19129
10:15a.m. NZB.NZX NTA: NZB: NZB NTA 20-01-2017 $2.98294
10:15a.m. USS.NZX NTA: USS: USS NTA 20-01-2017 $3.62230
10:15a.m. USF.NZX NTA: USF: USF NTA 20-01-2017 $5.80966
10:14a.m. USV.NZX NTA: USV: USV NTA 20-01-2017 $2.60048
10:14a.m. USM.NZX NTA: USM: USM NTA 20-01-2017 $3.73271
10:14a.m. EUF.NZX NTA: EUF: EUF NTA 20-01-2017 $1.36590
10:14a.m. FNZ.NZX NTA: FNZ: FNZ NTA 20-01-2017 $2.13223
10:13a.m. EMF.NZX NTA: EMF: EMF NTA 20-01-2017 $1.04088
10:13a.m. NZC.NZX NTA: NZC: NZC NTA 20-01-2017 $2.99547
10:12a.m. TNZ.NZX NTA: TNZ: TNZ NTA 20-01-2017 $1.37936
10:12a.m. GBF.NZX NTA: GBF: GBF NTA 20-01-2017 $3.08775
10:12a.m. MDZ.NZX NTA: MDZ: MDZ NTA 20-01-2017 $3.95008
10:11a.m. NPF.NZX NTA: NPF: NPF NTA 20-01-2017 $1.06291
10:11a.m. DIV.NZX NTA: DIV: DIV NTA 20-01-2017 $1.09754
10:10a.m. APA.NZX NTA: APA: APA NTA 20-01-2017 $1.70243
10:10a.m. TWF.NZX NTA: TWF: TWF NTA 20-01-2017 $1.74703
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