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20/02/2018 4:37 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:29p.m. TPW.NZX OFFER: TPW: notice of acceptances KCE takeover offer
05:15p.m. PIL.NZX GENERAL: PIL: Announcement regarding Medsafe Alert
05:11p.m. MLN.NZX HALFYR: MLN: Marlin Triples First Half Net Profit
05:01p.m. BRM.NZX HALFYR: BRM: Barramundi reports $12.7m Interim Net Profit
04:35p.m. MLN.NZX CORPACT: MLN: MLN - Quarterly dividend of 1.93 cents per share
04:35p.m. BRM.NZX CORPACT: BRM: BRM - Quarterly dividend of 1.38 cents per share
04:33p.m. KFL.NZX CORPACT: KFL: KFL - Quarterly dividend of 2.89 cents per share
04:31p.m. .NZX HALFYR: KCF: Preliminary announcement of half year results
04:14p.m. DGL.NZX MEETING: DGL: Timing of Dec-17 (Interim) Results Announcement
03:57p.m. RBC.NZX MEETING: RBC: Rubicon Limited ASM - Notice of Meeting
02:48p.m. .NZX GENERAL: TRP: Transpower considers retail bond offer
02:28p.m. MVT.NZX MKTUPDTE: MVT: MVT Extends Proportional Off-Market Takeover Bid for BAU
02:00p.m. WBC.NZX CORPACT: WBC: Westpac Self-Funding Instalments over securities in SUN
01:59p.m. SNC.NZX ADMIN: SNC: Market Update and Appointment of New Director
01:58p.m. WBC.NZX CORPACT: WBC: Westpac Self-Funding Instalments over securities in AMP
12:18p.m. RBC.NZX MEETING: RBC: Rubicon Issues Notice of Meeting
11:26a.m. MVN.NZX GENERAL: MVN: Notice of Half Year Results Announcement Date
11:02a.m. ANZ.NZX GENERAL: ANZ: Appendix 3E
10:45a.m. MLN.NZX CORPACT: MLN: MLN - Notice of acquisition of Securities 16 February 2018
10:43a.m. BRM.NZX CORPACT: BRM: BRM - Notice of acquisition of securities 16 February 2018
10:39a.m. LGF070.NZX GENERAL: LGF070: Notification of allotment of securities - LGF070
10:37a.m. LGF060.NZX GENERAL: LGF060: Notification of allotment of securities - LGF060
10:37a.m. LGF030.NZX GENERAL: LGF030: Notification of allotment of securities - LGF030
10:19a.m. ZEL.NZX GENERAL: ZEL: Z enters new refinery optimisation arrangement
09:52a.m. FRE.NZX HALFYR: FRE: Half Year Results to 31 Dec 2017 and Interim Dividend
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