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24/04/2017 3:45 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:12p.m. WDT.NZX MEETING: WDT: Wellington Drive 2017 Annual Meeting Results
04:29p.m. KPG.NZX RELINT: KPG: Ongoing disclosure notice
04:27p.m. MLN.NZX BUYBACK: MLN: MLN - Notice of acquisition of securities 20 April 2017
03:01p.m. WDT.NZX MEETING: WDT: Wellington Drive 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting Addresses
02:59p.m. MHJ.NZX SSH: MHJ: SSH Notice - Fisher Funds Management Limited
02:59p.m. NTL.NZX QUARTER: NTL: Quarterly Activities Report
02:52p.m. GGL.NZX NXTUPDTE: GGL: Interim Update - Reset Key Operating Milestones
02:48p.m. NTL.NZX QUARTER: NTL: Quarterly Cash flows Report
02:45p.m. AUG.NZX GENERAL: AUG: Augusta Capital notes the outcome of today's NPT Meeting
02:37p.m. KPG.NZX GENERAL: KPG: NPT partnership proposal will not proceed
02:20p.m. NPT.NZX MEETING: NPT: NPT Announcement 21 April 2017
02:15p.m. ANZ.NZX GENERAL: ANZ: ANZ to focus on Institutional Banking in Vietnam
02:06p.m. SCL.NZX SSH: SCL: SPH Notice - Salt Funds Management Limited
01:43p.m. FBU.NZX RELINT: FBU: Ongoing Disclosure Notice
01:42p.m. FBU.NZX RELINT: FBU: Ongoing Disclosure Notice
12:56p.m. NWF.NZX QUARTER: NWF: Third Quarter Financial Year to 30 June 2017
12:21p.m. ZEL.NZX DIRECTOR: ZEL: Independent Director appointed to Z Energy Limited
12:10p.m. BGR.NZX ALLOT: BGR: Notice Pursuant to Listing Rule 7.12.1
12:02p.m. ANZ.NZX GENERAL: ANZ: Redemption of ANZ Subordinated Notes (ANZHA)
11:36a.m. RYM.NZX KEYDATES: RYM: Notice of Full Year Result Announcement
11:30a.m. TIL.NZX KEYDATES: TIL: TIL Announces FY17 Results Date and Conference Call Details
11:25a.m. AMP.NZX BUYBACK: AMP: Appendix 3E - Daily share buy back notice 23
10:55a.m. NPT.NZX ADDRESS: NPT: NPT Special Shareholder Meeting Papers
09:55a.m. SRF.NZX ALLOT: SRF: Notification of allotment of units 21 April 2017
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