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23/06/2017 11:57 p.m.
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DIY Trading

Individual and Joint Applications
Apply for an Individual or Joint ANZ Securities account online.

We are currently experiencing a heavy demand for opening an account with ANZ Securities. Currently, the time to open an account for you will take between 2-4 weeks. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Company, Trust and Partnership Applications
Company Account Application Form (64 KB)
Trust Account Application Form (92 KB)
Partnership Account Application Form (62 KB)

Client Agreement - General Terms and Conditions (252 KB)

Important note:
  1. Once received, your application form will be reviewed and verified before your account is created. Please allow 10 to 15 business days.
  2. Companies, Trusts and Partnerships need to have an existing ANZ account to access this service. If you aren’t already an ANZ account holder, simply visit anz.co.nz or come into any branch to sign up

Online Multi-Currency Account

Application Form (46 KB)

Trading in Australia

ANZ Securities CHESS Application Form (41 KB)
ANZ Share Investing Trading Terms & Conditions (including the Best Execution Policy and CHESS Sponsorship Agreement)
ANZ Share Investing Financial Services Guide
ANZ Securities Broker to Broker Transfer Form (365 KB)
ANZ Securities Issuer Sponsorship Conversion Form (33 KB)

Trading on the NXT market

NXT Acknowledgment Form (35 KB)

Trading on the unlisted market

Unlisted Disclaimer Form (153 KB)

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

W-9 form (110 KB)
W-9 form instructions (157 KB)
W-8BEN form (67 KB)
W-8BEN form instructions (178 KB)
W-8BEN-E form (316 KB)
W-8BEN-E form instructions (226 KB)
W-8IMY form (298 KB)
W-8IMY form instructions (231 KB)

Important notes:
  1. We cannot accept a “W” form that has been corrected by hand or corrective substances (twink, white-out etc). If any corrections need to be made to your form, you must start over and complete a new copy of the form.
  2. When completing a W-9 form, please ensure you write the date as Month DD YYYY (e.g. January 1 2000) to avoid confusion between American and New Zealand date formatting.
  3. When completing a W-9 form, if you have changed your surname, for instance, due to marriage without informing the Social Security Administration of the name change, you should enter your first name, the surname name shown on your social security card and your new surname. You should then circle the parts of your name that are associated with your social security number (your first name and your previous surname).
  4. While revocation of US citizenship documents provide useful insights into your current status, we still need a W-8BEN to be completed by those who have previous connections to the US.
  5. We will not accept any "W" form that has been signed and dated more than 3 months prior to the date that the details of the form are recorded in our system.

Account Maintenance

Change details for Individual or Joint accounts (110 KB)
Change details for Trust or Company accounts (115 KB)

Important notes:
  1. It is your responsibility to inform all Share Registries (for NZ holdings and all non-CHESS AUS holdings) of these changes in writing
  2. Discrepancies between the registry records and ANZ Securities records will cause delays in settling transactions.
  3. CHESS Account Holders: as this is a broker sponsored account, it is our responsibility to advise your CHESS provider of these changes.

One-off Sale Guidelines

How are your shares held?

In my Individual name (39 KB)
In Joint names (50 KB)
In the name of a Minor (48 KB)
In an Estate, I am the Executor (38 KB)
In an Estate, I am the Solicitor (37 KB)
In someone else's name, but I have Power of Attorney (37 KB)

Registry Forms

New Zealand off-market transfer form: Computershare (80 KB)
New Zealand off-market transfer form: Link Market Services (23 KB)

Supplement Forms

Financial Institution Worksheet (49 KB)
Power of Attorney Supplement Form (32 KB)
FATCA Reasonable Explanation Form (74 KB)
Associated Entity - Company Supplement Form (121 KB)
Associated Entity - Trust Supplement Form (161 KB)
Associated Entity - Partnership Supplement Form (120 KB)