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22/08/2018 7:29 p.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:29p.m. PCT.NZX SHINTR: PCT: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - George Crawford
05:29p.m. PCT.NZX SHINTR: PCT: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Richard Hilder
04:55p.m. SKL.NZX SHINTR: SKL: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - David Cushing
04:13p.m. SKO.NZX MEETING: SKO: 2018 Annual Meeting Results
04:09p.m. FRE.NZX GENERAL: FRE: Director Nominations
03:58p.m. CVT.NZX SHINTR: CVT: Ongoing Disclosure Notices - Multiple
03:58p.m. CVT.NZX ADMIN: CVT: Leadership Team Update
03:36p.m. FPH.NZX SECISSUE: FPH: Notification of Issue of Securities
02:35p.m. SAN.NZX SHINTR: SAN: SPH Notice - Avalon Investment Trust Limited
02:22p.m. ATM.NZX SECISSUE: ATM: Notice pursuant to Listing Rule 7.12.1
02:20p.m. .NZX GENERAL: LGF: LGFA Bond Issuance Notice - Tender 58
02:15p.m. HBL.NZX SHINTR: HBL: D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Richard Lorraway
01:29p.m. ERD.NZX GENERAL: ERD: Graham Stuart appointed Chair of EROAD
01:20p.m. SKO.NZX MEETING: SKO: 2018 Annual Meeting Addresses & Presentations
12:23p.m. TTK.NZX GENERAL: TTK: TeamTalk signs commercial deal with Powerco
11:59a.m. MVT.NZX MKTUPDTE: MVT: Change in substantial holding for IPE (ASX)
11:57a.m. WBC.NZX CORPACT: WBC: Westpac Self-Funding Instalments over securities in ANN
11:42a.m. STU.NZX GENERAL: STU: Steel & Tube Results Advisory Update
11:29a.m. HLG.NZX SHINTR: HLG: SPH Notice - Grahger Retail Securities Pty Ltd
11:08a.m. MEL.NZX MEETING: MEL: Annual Shareholder Meeting 2018 / Director Nominations
10:10a.m. TME.NZX ADMIN: TME: Clarification of dividend payment date
09:59a.m. ANZ.NZX GENERAL: ANZ: Appendix 3E
09:54a.m. MEL.NZX GENERAL: MEL: ASX Appendix 3A.1 - Dividend / Distribution
09:48a.m. AMP.NZX GENERAL: AMP: AMP appoints Francesco De Ferrari as CEO
09:30a.m. AFT.NZX SHINTR: AFT: section 297(2) 298(2) Directors Interests
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