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21/10/2018 2:50 a.m.
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NZSE Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:58p.m. PGC.NZX MEETING: PGC: Notice of Special Meeting
05:25p.m. .NZX OFFER: NZXR: Listing and Quotation Notice - Heartland Group Holdings Ltd
05:08p.m. .NZX MEMO: NZXO: Heartland Bank Limited ("HBL") - Restructure
05:08p.m. HBL.NZX MEMO: HBL: Heartland Bank Limited ("HBL") - Restructure
05:03p.m. TLT.NZX MKTUPDTE: TLT: Tilt Renewables Market Update
04:42p.m. HBL.NZX MKTUPDTE: HBL: Heartland receives final court orders for restructure
04:38p.m. ANZ.NZX GENERAL: ANZ: Notice Corporations Act Subsection 259C(2)
04:35p.m. GNE.NZX GENERAL: GNE: Notice of Issue of New Ordinary Shares
03:41p.m. IFT.NZX GENERAL: IFT: Infratil 2019 Half Year Results announcement date
03:25p.m. FFW.NZX MEETING: FFW: FFW Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
03:19p.m. AIA.NZX CORPACT: AIA: AIA - Notification of issue of securities
03:15p.m. AUG.NZX TRANSACT: AUG: Purchase of 54 Cook Street approved by Vendor's shareholder
03:09p.m. FIN.NZX ADMIN: FIN: Appointment of Simon Scott as Alternate Director
02:50p.m. STU.NZX SHINTR: STU: SPH Notice - New Zealand Steel Limited
02:36p.m. NZK.NZX MEETING: NZK: Notice of Annual Shareholders' Meeting
02:31p.m. TRU.NZX ADMIN: TRU: TRU Appointment of Alternate Director
02:19p.m. TPW.NZX GENERAL: TPW: Trustpower Invite - Half Year Results Webcast
02:14p.m. IFT.NZX CORPACT: IFT: IFT090 Bond Interest Payment Appendix 7
02:08p.m. BRM.NZX MEETING: BRM: Results of Annual Shareholders' Meeting held 19 October 18
01:43p.m. .NZX CREDIT: WIA: S&P Reaffirms BBB+/Stable/A-2 Credit Rating
01:05p.m. MEL.NZX MEETING: MEL: Annual Shareholder Meeting Voting Results
12:49p.m. AIR.NZX SHINTR: AIR: Disclosure of Director and Senior Mngr Relevant Interests
11:46a.m. WHS.NZX MEETING: WHS: The Warehouse Group Notice of Meeting
11:33a.m. AFI.NZX SHINTR: AFI: Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Notice
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