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Application for a Company, Trust or Partnership Account

18/11/2018 7:57 a.m.
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Please use this form to begin the application process for a Company, Trust or Partnership account with ANZ New Zealand Securities Limited (ANZ Securities).

You’ll need to have a bank account with ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (ANZ) to have access to the ANZ Securities service. If you aren’t already an ANZ bank account holder, simply visit anz.co.nz or any branch to open an account.

The below information will be sent to our Onboarding Team, who will respond back to you within 5 business days to clearly outline the documentation that you’ll need to provide to open your account.

In order to open your account, ANZ Securities will need to identify you and various Associated Persons to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation.

By making this application, you confirm that ANZ may disclose to ANZ Securities information that ANZ holds about the Account Holder and each Associated Person to enable ANZ Securities to comply with its AML obligations.
Please provide the following information
Account Holder Name
Please enter the legal name of the company, trust or partnership above. This is the name into which securities purchased on this account will be registered.

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