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21/10/2018 1:22 a.m.
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Infratil Infrastructure Bond Offer
Issuer Details
Issuer Name: Infratil Limited
S&P Rating: Not Rated
Key Dates
Opening Date: 01/10/2018
Closing Date: 26/10/2018
Minimum Investment: $5000
Offer Document:
This offer is only open to retail investors and institutional investors who are resident in New Zealand. None of the offering documentation or this notice constitutes an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, securities in any other jurisdiction.

Anyone wishing to apply for any securities in this offer will need to complete the application form that will be in, or will accompany, the Prospectus or Investment Statement.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE OFFER DOCUMENTS - by using this link you are confirming to us that you are a resident in New Zealand >>

(Acrobat reader required)
Infratil Limited (Infratil) has announced an offer of up to NZ$125 million of unsecured, unsubordinated Infrastructure Bonds (the Bonds), with the ability to accept another NZ$125 million in oversubscriptions (the Offer). The Offer is in aggregate across a General Offer to all investors in New Zealand, and an Exchange Offer to holders of existing Infratil bonds maturing 15 November 2018 and includes Bonds in two different Series (having different maturity dates).

The first series matures on 15 December 2024. The interest rate for this series is 4.75% per annum. The second series matures on 15 December 2028. The interest rate for this series is 4.85% per annum. The interest rate on the 2028 bonds will be fixed for the first 5 years, and then reset in December 2023 for a further 5 years.

Please refer to the NZX Offer Launch Announcement and Terms Sheet (which includes the Application Form) in the Offer Document section above. Please note, Infratil is not preparing a printed version of the Terms Sheet. If you are having difficulty obtaining the Terms Sheet, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you.

Opening Date for the Offer: Monday 1 October 2018
Exchange Offer Closing Date: Friday 26 October 2018
General Offer Closing Date: Friday 26 October 2018

How to Invest in the Offer through ANZ Securities - Request a Firm Allocation

To request a firm allocation, you must ring us on 0800 800 372.
We have a fixed amount of Bonds to allocate and will allocate on a first come first serviced basis.
Please note: a Firm Allocation is treated by us as the equivalent of a binding Buy Order.

How to Complete and Submit your Application
After we have confirmed your Firm Allocation you will need to send us your completed application form which is located at the back of the Terms Sheet. Please note the Terms Sheet includes both an Exchange Offer and General Offer application form. Please ensure that you use only the form that is applicable to your circumstance.

1. We will only accept scanned applications if you are paying by Direct Debit. (See the relevant application form for details.)
2. Email your application form to wlgdealing@anzsecurities.co.nz to be received before 5pm 26 October 2018.
3. We will only accept emailed files in PDF format
4. If you scan and email your application you should NOT also post it to us – please use one method only.

1. If applicable, attach a cheque made payable to Infratil Bond Offer and crossed “Not Transferable”. (See the relevant application form for details.)
2. Return your completed application form, with valid payment, to be received by ANZ New Zealand Securities Limited, P O Box 1790, Wellington 6140. before 5pm 26 October 2018.


  • To invest in this Offer through us you must obtain a Firm Allocation from us.

  • You can only request a Firm Allocation from us over the phone – please ring 0800 800 372.

  • You can request Firm Allocations at any time up until 5pm on the Closing Date, subject to availability.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 0800 800 372.

ANZ New Zealand Securities Limited (ANZ Securities) will be paid commission of up to 1.50% of the application amount on all applications that are accepted by the registry bearing our "stamp". No fees are payable by the applicant on successful applications.
The above information highlights what we understand to be certain key terms of the Offer. Full Offer details and defined terms are contained in the Terms Sheet which you are strongly advised to read. Applications for the Bonds can only be made using an application form with the Terms Sheet.
This communication has been prepared independently of Infratil, and is intended for distribution to clients of ANZ Securities only.
Nothing in this document is to be construed as an offer of securities being made in any jurisdiction other than New Zealand.
Important Information
ANZ Securities is a subsidiary of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (ANZ). ANZ is a Joint Lead Manager for this Offer.
The information contained herein (including in any links) has been prepared by ANZ Securities and is based upon information obtained from sources that ANZ Securities believes to be reliable. In preparing this document ANZ Securities has relied upon and assumed, without independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of all source information. However, the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information in this document cannot be and is not guaranteed by ANZ Securities. ANZ Securities will not be liable for any loss arising as a result of the information contained herein not being accurate, reliable or complete.
Investment products involve investment risks, including the potential loss of the principal amount invested. The information contained herein (including in any links) does not constitute a recommendation or opinion on the suitability to your investment objectives of any investment products or any strategy referred to herein. Any such investment may not be appropriate or fit for the purpose for which you may wish to purchase it. Any investment decisions made by you will be based solely on your own evaluation of your financial circumstances and investment objectives. If you are uncertain about any aspect of any investment referred to herein or its implications to you, ANZ Securities recommends that you seek expert advice from a financial adviser.
Nothing in this document is intended to be an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any product, instrument or investment, to effect any transaction or to conclude any legal act of any kind. Before making an investment decision, recipients should seek independent financial, legal, tax and other relevant advice having regard to their particular circumstances.
ANZ and its affiliates may have an interest in the companies and their securities described in this document as follows:
They may receive fees from customers for buying or selling securities of the companies described in this document, and their staff and introducers of business may share in such fees or receive a bonus that may be influenced by total sales.
They may provide banking products and services (including lending facilities) to the companies.
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