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18/11/2018 8:06 a.m.
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Custody Service

ANZ New Zealand Securities Limited is not accepting new applications for the Custody Service.

Custodial trading allows you to get all the benefits of owning international shares while avoiding the time-consuming maintenance that is required when managing an international share portfolio.

Please note that our online custodial trading service does not apply to the purchase or sale of Australian shares.

  • ANZ Securities' online custodial trading service allows you to have your shares held electronically by our custodian, ANZ New Zealand Securities Nominees Limited.
  • You are still the beneficial owner of the shares but the shares are held on your behalf by the custodian.
  • A custodial trading service removes the need for share certificates and gives you greater flexibility to trade international shares.

All international shares (excluding Australian) traded via our online platform are registered and administered under the ANZ Securities custodial trading service and are subject to a monthly administration fee.

To start trading...

  • Select "US" or "UK" from the Quick Quote drop-down menu
  • Enter the stock code - or - a partial company name followed by an asterix
  • And click "Go" to see the current trading activity of the company
  • You can use the "View" drop down menu to find out more about the company
  • Or simply click the [Buy] or [Sell] links that you can see under the quote table