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18/11/2018 8:55 a.m.
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Selecting the right investment is a decision that involves consideration and the evaluation of your investment needs.

Whether you want growth (capital gain) or income (long-term savings), ANZ Securities offers access to a variety of Investment Choices that can help you to achieve the results you want.

The Investment Choices that are available to all ANZ Securities clients are listed below.

Shares - New Zealand and Australia

Our website gives you access to a range of NZ and AU market information including live stock quotes, market depth, stock charts and relevant company information. Additionally, you can use an online Portfolio to keep track of your share holdings.

Trading Methods

You can trade NZ/AU shares via the telephone or online.

Trading on the Unlisted Market

Unlisted provides a facility for trading previously allotted securities. Unlisted has its own Market Rules and monitors compliance by Issuers with those Rules.

Unlisted is a Financial Product Market operating under an exemption from subpart 7 of Part 5 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (“the Act”) and certain conditions specified in the Exemption Notice. Investors trading in securities quoted on Unlisted trade at their own risk and do not have the protections provided by Part 5 of the Act, in relation to: insider trading, market manipulation, continuous disclosure, substantial holding disclosure, relevant interest disclosures, and the monitoring of market obligations by the FMA.

To trade in securities quoted on Unlisted, customers are required to sign a Disclaimer form.

To start trading on the Unlisted market...

Obtain the ANZ Securities Unlisted Disclaimer form from here (download forms page)

Once you have completed and submitted the Unlisted Disclaimer to us, we will enable your account for trading in Unlisted Market stocks.

Trading on the NXT Market

The NXT Market (“NXT”) is a licensed market operated by NZX Limited that is designed for smaller companies that are typically at an earlier stage of business development and accordingly, the risks of investing in companies listed on NXT may be higher than investing in other companies.

NXT has a set of simplified listing rules and a new approach to disclosure.

To invest in NXT companies, a retail investor must first be given, and confirm that they understand, the NXT warning.

To learn more about the NXT Market, visit the website at www.nxt.co.nz

To start trading on the NXT market...

Visit the NXT website (www.nxt.co.nz) and register as a NXT Investor and read the NXT Warning.

Obtain the ANZ Securities NXT Acknowledgement form from here (download forms page)

Once you have completed and submitted the Acknowledgement Form to us, we will enable your account for trading in NXT Market stocks.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is similar to a managed fund, except that it is traded openly on a share market.

Trading Methods

You can trade ETFs via the telephone or online.

Fixed Interest - New Zealand and Australia

ANZ Securities provides a comprehensive investment service for listed and unlisted Fixed Interest securities. Investment Choices include: NZ Government Bonds, Local Authority Stock, Bank Term Deposits, Corporate Bonds, Bank Bonds, Debentures, Capital Notes and Perpetual instruments.

Trading Methods

You can trade NZ/AU Fixed Interest via the telephone or online.

New Issues - New Zealand shares and bonds

ANZ is a leading arranger of bond issues in the New Zealand market and when coupled with ANZ Securities' distribution capabilities, we are often able to secure large allocations of stock to support your investment needs.

Enquiry Methods

You can enquire about a New Issue via the telephone or online.

Online Multi-Currency Account

The Online Multi-Currency Account (OMCA) gives you the ability to settle your NZ, AU, US and UK equity trades in their home currency and to transfer funds between up to 10 different currencies.